Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives

Unforgettable Extraordinary Maldives Experiences

Starting from $800 Per Night

The Maldives resort of Finolhu offers you such experiences. Just imagine that you’re sitting on the terrace of your private villa at sunset and a manta ray suddenly swims by. Or you’re snorkelling in the sea in the morning and are greeted by a colourful and curious turtle. In Finolhu you’re living on the verge of a very distinctive world

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Wine & Dine

Luxury is about having choices. On Finolhu, you can choose between four different restaurants according to your desire and mood. Wherever you dine on Finolhu, the cuisine is characterised by a highly refined mixture of craftsmanship, individuality, international style and local ingredients, but freshness always takes top priority.

Experiences & Activities

Water is my element. Symbolically it stands for vitality and movement. And here in Finolhu Maldives, things to do are limitless. Sport under and above water is especially enjoyable. This is also because it’s tropically warm here, not cold as in the Atlantic. In our Water Sports Center guests can encounter the element of water in their own individual way. It’s interesting that when I’m by the sea I also feel very close to the universe. Have you ever lain on the surface of the water at night and looked up at the stars?